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Come Play Outdoors

The last few months here at 1876 Ale Works has been very busy and exciting. We are in the process of starting a few outdoor clubs and events for our Colorado Springs family. We are looking to start a bike club and also a running club to get everyone together and having a great time outdoors. Stay tuned for more updates!

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Grand Opening

As grand as when Colorado became the 38th state in 1876, but like with an adults-only bouncy house or something cool that General Ulysses S. Grant wouldn’t have thought of! This will be a neat time for our 1876 AW Family along with all of our followers

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1876 Ale Works Buildout

What an extremely radical year it has been for 1876 AW Team! Early in 2017, Kevin decided it was time to put it all together and pursue lifelong passion as a way foreword for his family.

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1876AleWorks Brewery

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ADDRESS: 3352 Templetongap Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80907