About Us

Our Way Forward

What an extremely complex year it has been for 1876 AW! Early in 2017,  Kevin decided to embark on a lifelong passion in the craft industry. Knowing that he wanted to stay here in Colorado Springs, long afternoon’s were exhausted fine-tuning a conceptually unique brewery setting that would set itself apart in a city know as being a brewery-rich environment.  As the contractors begin their work on the transformation of the brewery site projected to begin in the latter part of October, we will begin to keep all of you posted via social media with weekly updates and photos showing the progression of 1876 AW.  We hope you will enjoy this adventurous build-out with us in preparations or the opening sometime this January . We look forward to the interaction with our new friends and future guests!

Kevin McCarthy | Owner 

 Hello everyone!  I`m Kevin, son of an Air Force Service Family, born and raised in Germany (actually an Irishman by trade). Upon my arrival to the states, I pursued my culinary passion and would go on to assume duties as both a corporate chef and manage various restaurants in the Florida area. Two days after 9/11, I accepted my commission as an officer in the United States Armed Forces. Although I`ve spent  the prime of my life dedicated to our countries best interest, I`ve anticipated my return for many years, excited to re-emerge with the opening of 1876 Ale Works. It`s now time to focus on you, out taproom guests.