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1876 Ale Works Speciality Gatter

Brewer`s Corner

Every batch of beer that is created at 1876 Ale Works started from a single artisanal concept. We are always looking for ways to continuously push the beer drinker`s palate by getting more inventive with our beers.

Pale Ale

Easy drinking full flavored and refreshing. Simcoe, ammarillo and citra hops create the aroma of tropical fruit and orange with hints of mangoes, passionfruit and pine. This pale ale is perfect for summertime hikes in the mountains or enjoying a trial in palmer park. With an ABV. of 5% you can enjoy the experience more than once.


I don’t know what to say but we here at 1876 Ale Works love IPA’s! Taking inspiration from west-coast IPA’s the hop bill is more traditional and makes for a dank, piney and spicy flavor. This double IPA has a smooth medium body with just a hint of honey and caramel malts. Yes, its 7% ABV but it finishes sweet leaving your pallet wanting more.

1876 NEIPA

Unfiltered, hazy, fruit forward and full bodied. This new style of beer is a great place to start your love affair with IPA’s. Mango, Peach and Grapefruit fill your nose and take you away to a beach somewhere soaking in the sun. This beautiful brew glows in the glass and comes in at 8%ABV.  

Classic Cream Ale

This is our take on a classic American style. A little rye in the grist along with Magnum hops makes for a slightly spicy flavor. Clean and refreshing are the characteristics that make this 5.5%ABV ale refreshing on a hot summer day.

American Wheat

Hazy and tropical are the best ways to describe this take on a wheat beer. Brewed with Ahtanum hops which floral and citrus aromas to this full-bodied beer. This wheat comes in at 5% ABV and is great anytime.

American Amber

Inspired by the rich tapestry that is Colorado. This Amber is packed with roasted coffee aroma and an intensely fruity flavor brought by the American hops Warrior, Ahtanum and Amarillo. So, pull up a chair and enjoy this 5.6%ABV beer and fall into a Colorado sunset.

Milk And Oats Stout

This is a sweet stout brewed with oats to give it a nice full body. Chocolate and vanilla help to create a complex rich flavor. This delicious chocolate bar of a stout comes in at 4.6%ABV


This is a take on the traditional English style of beer. Don’t let the name fool you this is a malt forward sweet ale with a mild hop presence makes for a very session-able beer with an ABV 4.6%